Summer Polo

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Santa Barbara. We drove up to the Santa Barbara Polo Club fields to the gentle sounds of galloping horses, and very little expectations. This was our first polo match, so we walked into the club with some images of Julia Robert’s, Pretty Woman, in our heads minus the inappropriate themes of the movie. We found seats in the grand stand and immediately google polo rules.  Here are a few simple ones to know:

1. There are 6 chukkers in a game. A chukker is similar to a quarter in basketball. 
2. Once a ball is hit, there is a line of play that it follows. The player who hits the ball, gets the right of way.
3. A player can hook an opponent’s mallet or push an opponent off the line of play
4. A player can bump their opponent’s horse

Also, in between the 3rd and 4th chukker, the game will go into a half-time.  During this time, everyone is invited to go onto the field to turn over divots. Adults are given glasses of sparkling wine and children get sparkling cider to drink. The experience made for a very relaxing and enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Don’t miss out, this summer, on heading to Santa Barbara for some lovely polo matches. Whether it’s your first or hundredth, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon.



The Santa Barbara Polo Club is open on Sundays to the public.  Matches begin at 1 pm & 3 pm. The gates open at noon. See you all there!

The American Riviera and more…

Santa Barbara, California shines in the role of the “American Riviera.” With it’s red-tiled residences, Mediterranean-like weather, beautiful beaches, and cameo in films, it fits the bill. Yet, if you visited us in the recent years, you will notice that luxury isn’t the only thing the city has to offer.  Take a drive down towards the beach, but before you get there, turn a bit onto Anacapa Street just in between the 101 freeway and the ocean.  As you turn the corner, you will come upon part of Santa Barbara’s Urban Wine Trail, or specifically, the Funk Zone.  The Funk Zone is not just a hub for wine, but bigger – artists, cafes, museums, maybe some furniture makers… It’s really a fun surprise, and a unique place to just walk around and discover.

Come out to see us and then head down to explore the Funk Zone…it’s definitely the and more of Santa Barbara…