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It’s summer and Santa Barbara is filled with events, visitors, and great sites.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer (well, all year round) is hiking.  Santa Barbara has hiking trails of all levels.  One of my favorites leads you up to Inspiration Point.  The trailhead is found off of Foothill Road in the northern part of the city.  It starts off with a narrow paved walkway, and up into a trail shaded by trees.  In the middle of the hike, there is a great creek to stop off at and enjoy a smal snack.  Then you head up into a switchback trail to the very top.  The trail itself takes a few hours there and back. It’s a great one to take in the afternoon, and maybe even around dusk during the summer months.  I’ve done it once in the dark, and flashlights are essential for that hike (we forgot ours, not a good idea).

Either way, hikes with friends make for great memories, so check out Santa Barbara hikes and book a room with us!

farmers market

Yesterday, we spent some time walking around State Street to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. On Tuesday evenings from 4-7:30 pm the 500-600 blocks of State Street close down to cars and becomes a promenade of fresh produce.  We found a wide selection of strawberries and fresh pre-summer fruits.  There were also stands of flowers, pistachios, honey, and so much more.  The best part of it all was just the community of people you get to walk with and those behind the tables of food.  Come check out the farmers market when you’re in town. There usually is one happening any day of the week:

Farmers Market Schedule:

  • Thursday: Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta, 3-6:30pm or 800 block of Linden Ave in Carpinteria, 3-6:30 pm
  • Friday: 1100-1200 blocks of Coast Village Road in Montecito, 8-11:45 am
  • Saturday: Corner of Santa Barbara and Cota Streets in downtown SB, 8:30-1pm
  • Sunday: Camino Real Marketplace, 10-2pm
  • Tuesday: 500-600 blocks of State Street in downtown SB, 4-7:30pm

Family Vineyards

Santa Barbara county is filled with family owned vineyards, located in the Santa Ynez Valley.  The stories that speak out of the vines will tell you of generations of farmers and cultivators.  Grassini Family Vineyard, located in Happy Canyon just 35 minutes north of the city of Santa Barbara, is one of these vineyards.  We attended their Crush Party last fall, and got the chance to meet some of the family.  We, not only appreciated the Grassini’s, but also their wonderfully made wine.  We spent an afternoon with Andrew, their winemaker, and Mandy Grassini.  They toured us through the vineyard, and talked us through a very lovely tasting of their wines.  It was a great afternoon with really great people.

This Memorial Weekend, Grassini Family Vineyards will open a tasting room in downtown Santa Barbara to bring their wines and tradition closer to us.  It will be a great weekend of great people and wine.  Don’t miss out on this opening event!


Nite Moves

Every summer, Santa Barbara hosts a weekly run/swim event at sunset.  This is a great way to stay in shape, be part of a great community, and have fun!  Sign up for a race today! Nite Moves begins Wednesday, April 25th!

Looking In

You know it’s Christmas when the tree of lights goes up in front of the Arlington Theater.  It means that The Nutcracker will be shown regularly at the theater, the Salvation Army will have bells and buckets all around town, and State Street will get busy with shoppers looking for the perfect gift.  If look closer into those shop windows, you will see more than just a few decorations.  State Street is littered with a collection of local businesses and chain stores.  Many of the local business owners stay close to their stores and restaurants.  If you go inside for a visit, it isn’t difficult to find them and on slower moments, get to hear a little bit of their story.

If you step into the Agave Inn, on upper State Street, you will hear a story of lifelong friends.  It’s a story of a meeting long ago and a friendship that has endured triumphs and defeats.  It is also a story that sees the world as a place lit with beautiful Christmas lights all year long. You will get to see this as you walk into the doors of the Agave.  They will greet you with a smile and you may even leave the place with some good friends in Santa Barbara.

Be sure, when you come to visit, look into some of the stores, restaurants, and inns, because some of the beauty of Santa Barbara also comes from the people – people who are eager to meet you and welcome you in.