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Deck the Halls

Come join us at our sister property, Ojai Rancho Inn, and find some great things in time for the holidays!!!

Nite Moves

Every summer, Santa Barbara hosts a weekly run/swim event at sunset.  This is a great way to stay in shape, be part of a great community, and have fun!  Sign up for a race today! Nite Moves begins Wednesday, April 25th!

film festival

On January 26, 2012, Santa Barbara will be hosting its 27th annual Film Festival.  The festival features local entries along with entries from all over the nation.  The festival also will honor actors and directors for their participation in film throughout the years.  Please do not miss this event!

Join us for the festivities and the cold winter months adds to the romance of the festival.  Book with The Agave and check out the Film Festival website for ticketing details!

First Thursday

Every month, something crazy happens in Santa Barbara, the first Thursday of the month shows up and downtown SB turns into an arts and music festival.  It’s a great way for local artists and performers to share their gifts.  It’s Santa Barbara’s way of connecting its local community and bringing visitors into a very local experience.

Most of the event takes place along State Street.  It is recommended that you take the First Thursday Passport with you so you don’t miss treasures located on the side streets.

One local artist, Dan Patterson, runs Iron + Forge. Iron + Forge is a family-owned and run business that works primarily with metal.  The staff works hard to create beautiful pieces with very functional attributes to them.  At First Thursday, if you stop by their shop on Anacapa Street, you will find great artists and maybe a little bit of some beer they brewed up.

Don’t miss First Thursday if you happen to be in town. It’s a great picture of Santa Barbara’s art world!

Happy Holidays from us to you!